​​Here's what some of our patients think...

Heather F.

IFBB Ms. Olympia 6th Pl

"I hurt my back in 2009 just weeks before the # 1 bodybuilding competition in the world, the IFBB Ms. Olympia, and I could hardly walk or train. I went to see Dr. Levine and found a man that was SO friendly, SO professional and SO accommodating, that I was immediately encouraged my about my situation. Dr Levine fit me in immediately and began treating my condition with the understanding of my sense of urgency. He had no doubt that he could help me and he did so within one to two visits. I was able to train at  a world class level while receiving treatment from Dr. Levine and went on to place 6th in the biggest competition in the world. I am currently ranked 8th in the world & I have Dr. Levine to thank for that. He and his staff are the absolute best and I recommend him highly. He is an out standing professional and someone I can comfortably say is a friend. I went into his office as a wounded professional bodybuilder, and came out a world class athlete and FRIEND. You can't ask for better service than that. He is awesome!!!"

Lisa M.

"I first met Dr. Levine for treatment of a persistent sprained ankle  about 10  years ago. I had heard that ART was suitable treatment for this kind of injury. From the very first  session I learned that Dr. Levine was a dedicated provider with a gentle manner and positive attitude. He checked out my overall gait and posture as well as giving  my ankle an intense treatment. I believe it took 6 weekly sessions to rehab the ankle and the ART worked like magic. Yes it is a physiological effect and not magic but my ankle has not bothered me to this day, despite running many miles on technical trails since then. I believe ART is a very beneficial treatment for wide range of injuries and I also enjoy the benefit of Dr. Levine's chiropractic skills. I continue to see Dr. Levine on a regular basis for maintenance. I schedule appointments when I have a race coming up so that I am adjusted prior to my run and to take care of resulting tweaks and aches after it. When any of my athlete friends mention some injury or problem of theirs I never hesitate to recommend ART as provided by Dr. Levine. He truly understands athletes' needs and goals and works hard to help them recover and get them back to doing what they love...I still think there is magic involved"

Kelly H.

"Dr. Levine got me to the starting line of 2011 NYC Marathon when I thought an injury had ruined my training cycle and any chance at racing on November 6. He's the first person I go to with any running-associated ache or pain, and his combination of ART and Graston have worked wonders countless times. He know's his stuff and gets results, but what's more, Dr. Levine understands athletes. He "gets us" for better or worse, and offers the fantastic advice and support need to get us through injuries, hard training and most importantly race day."

Melissa S.



"Dr. Levine quite literally keeps me up & running. He is amazing in what he does & although the sessions are not always comfortable he does it  with a good dose of humor. The first time I went to Dr. Levine I had  been dealing with a nagging  achilles' heal, within three sessions I was able to get  back to running and within a month and a half . I ran the marathon, qualified for Boston and have been injury free since, I attribute it all to Dr. Levine! "Go see Dr. Levine, he works miracles!"